Saturday, 18 March 2017

Product Review: Lomo SW1 Sports Watch

Lomo® Watersport and Ewetsuits UK were kind enough to send me a couple of their huge range to review. For this review, I will focus on their SW1 Sports Watch.

This watch does not come in any fancy packaging which is not really needed and helps to keep the cost down. On receiving this, the first test I put it through was to drop it in a glass of water for a couple of hours. after which, it carried on working no problem at all.

The second test was the pedometer. I walked into work on a route I normally drive, which is 2.74 KM. The pedometer was surprisingly accurate as it measured the distance at 1.72km.


  • 12/24hr time
  • Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Heart Rate Display
  • Pedometer
  • Usable down to 10m underwater
  • Dual Alarms
  • Countdown timer
  • EL backlight
  • Hourly Chime
  • Durable strap
  • Uses CR2032 battery

As far a watch for work and activities goes, there is no superior to the Lomo SW1. It's virtually invincible. I spent a lot of time out in the woodlands and I wear this watch as it's so reliable and does everything you could want. I've swum with it, gone neck deep in mud with it, been in below freezing temperatures for days, got oil on it, scrambled on rocks, covered in grit, in salt water for prolonged periods and yet it still goes on!! The battery life is amazing as well. All my friends agree this is a watch to have. Sure, have a fancy watch for events and going out but this watch cannot be bettered for the working day. The generous watch strap is long enough to wear on your wrist over a wetsuit.

All in all, I cannot find any fault with the Lomo SW1 and for only £25 it is a serious rival to many sports watches costing over £100

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  1. I would love to test it for our clients and members in belgium and the netherlands there would be lots of interest amongst the preppers, bushcrafters and survival community's

    1. It is a super watch, certainly worth the investment. Thanks for commenting